Holy fuck! IDLES and A Place to Bury Strangers, slapped so hard tonight. Best show I’ve been to in years. Several hair farmers whipped their sweaty locks back, and I definitely got some of that perspiration in my mouth. Everyone at the show is going to wake up sick. Worth it.

If I was a wrestler, “Warm it up” by Kris Kross, would be my entrance music.

Going to be late for work, because my Uber driver and I rescued a dog running down John R. road. Fortunately he had tags, so it was an easy ordeal. It was also the cutest Uber ride ever!

If you’re ever bummed out, listen to the 0.01-1:15 mark to the intro of “Going back to Cali” where Puffy is trying to wake up Biggie before his flight.

This song is almost 6 minutes long, it’s definitely Hammer’s “I’m your captain”

The bounce being played at work reintroduced me to the banger “Pumps in a bump” by MC Hammer. These unapologetically tasty licks are only solidified by a simple YouTube search of said song followed by “unedited”; hammer looking like Lexington Steele on cialis.

day-so-long: delt with a handful of breeders bringing their spawn into the bar, dogsitting, tourists, 4 mediocre jam bands, 3 virgin CHUNCH motherfuckers, a gaggle of hair-farmers, a mix of therapy sessions & one fowl smelling crawler. 16 hours later... I'm ready for the hottest shower I can get. Let's hope my roommate dug his body hair outta the drain.

I'm currently dipping cheetos in queso & playing nintendo while at work. F U C K the W O R L D

The last in my series of spirit dogs concludes with Dan and Digga. Together.

Adventures in Roommate :001:
This motherfucker looking like a techno Micky Mouse washing his cartoon asshole. WTF

I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

She did it way too fast, and before I ready, but here's G feeding a giraffe at the zoo yesterday. Dudes tounge was pretty nuts

It's easy to slip into being sad if it's comfortable to you. Like an old warm but itchy sweater. But anything worth doing or changing is always difficult at first. Some of the best times are started by forcing yourself into them. Anyways, this has been a PSA by me, sad clown, in the midst of a large-scale period of self improvement.

Some work using one of my favorite films, the lomochrome purple. It's meant to be shot at 400 ISO, but can be overexposed by up to two stops to decrease the color shift.

1) FestiFools: Ann Arbor, MI
2-3) Abandoned Standish Speedway: Standish, MI

Sleep can rule everything around me, but c.r.e.a.m still get that money.

to the guy wearing a maga cap behind home plate at nats park: eat shit

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