couple more days of research and i may as well be a south iceland tour guide. is it okay to splurge $500 on renting a canon dslr with 50mm 1.2? answer: yes as hell

is it ok if i still use twitter there is a lot of history there

sucked in the undertale, it's a new year boi πŸ‰

im going to quit smoking for real and for good on day 1 of this mothafuckin NeW yEaR, I'm ReAdY πŸš¬πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

one has a slow shuffling walk and is wearing a fucking jingle bell

huge crowd of ~18 mcpoyles all wandering around here waiting on their christmas mcpoyle baby. every one of 'em smells like they haven't showered in weeks

nothing like a $1000 emergency vet visit for the holidays. pip ate a poisonous plant, appropriately called devil's ivy. he's back to normal & we chucked the plant

really tapping into a love for study noise on spotify tho, whole lot of fans and distant nature sounds

realizing i have to take summer classes to graduate on time :rh_s: :rh_u: :rh_c: :rh_k: :rh_s:

my careless garbage lifestyle has finally caught up with me and now i have high cholesterol at 29 fuuuuuuck time to get a gym membership and figure out how to make exercise fun

damn ive recently found solace in dark af nursing memes. our job is a real special one

products are getting out of control; another new spin on toothpaste!!! oh fuck the thing that really fills my void is toothpaste in a designer tube that's formulated for sleepy time

i love the distant neighbor who practices their terrible trumpet playing every single afternoon, not even being sarcastic

if im forced to buy one more major home purchase this year im gonna burn it down

honestly im sorely disappointed about the end of the haunted hill house show

honestly chillin in a recliner and watching tv bc on midnights we take two hour breaks is this real life? major upgrade

we just ordered $60 worth of pizza connection including a ravioli "bucket" lmao happy anniversary

depression is an undefeatable evil but i still intend on kicking it's ass starting with this lavender bath soak

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