Damn, I thought I was gonna miss all the good fall shit being out of the country got so long in October, but it's really just poppin off now. Picking some ripe as hell apples on Sunday

I got rear-ended in front of the Meijer today and felt sorry for myself for a minute thinking about how if I just hadn't made that stop or was in the store for a minute more or less I wouldn't have got hit. But really, who knows how many incidents DIDN'T happen for the same reason. Still pretty pissed off I have to interact with an insurance company though

Every time I have a meeting with people outside my company, I get this depression that lasts the rest of the day where I think about how the business I'm in contributes nothing to the world expect misery for the people who interact with it and large amounts of wealth for those who run it. Gotta get out 2020

So I've actually never made a denim vest until now, and I'm shocked that I haven't. It provides the security blanket of layering without the sweating. Now if I could get used to being a knit-hat-in-the-summer guy, I'd be totally set.

So it's Tim Armstrong but his music career falls apart and he has to teach community college classes and talk in that affectation he sings in.

Still not sure what I want to publish zines about, but I think I want to call it "landboat" after the proud Detroit tradition

Really getting the itch to make zines again. What would be cool that isn't done to death? Should I (we?) make a D&D zine? Write some weird ass scenarios?

I spent the morning thinking about how experiences as an adult feel so much less important than during adolescence and ended up listing why I thought that was in a Google Keep note. It's as depressing as it sounds.

Ferrets are so stinkin cute but I feel like I could never get some because then I'd be "ferret guy". Very similar vibes to "reptile guy"

Every time we give Finn a bath he runs around like a wild man tossing pillows off the couch and acting like a general madman

Having to go into an AT&T store, even for something as simple as picking up a prepaid order, is as bad as going to Secretary of State

β € G confronting the neighbor
about her shitty lawn
   ⠀ (β€’γ……β€’)
γ€€οΌΏγƒŽ ヽ γƒŽοΌΌ __
/γ€€`/ βŒ’οΌΉβŒ’ Y ヽ
( γ€€(三ヽ人  /γ€€γ€€ |
|γ€€οΎ‰βŒ’οΌΌ  ̄ ̄ヽ  γƒŽ   
γ€€γ€€ |( ηŽ‹ οΎ‰γ€ˆ (\__/)
γ€€γ€€ /ミ`ー―彑\ (β€’γ……β€’) me

I'm going to die of being in meetings. Decades later my skeleton will be found in a conference room and anthropologists will determine from my jaw position my last words were "ok so I think that wraps it up". The wear on my mandible suggests I said this over and over

Had to shoot the hardest bird imaginable at a boomer in a big fuck truck who cut me off on my bike pulling out of the McDonald's (of course) at 11 & Lafayette.

If you want your day at work to go quickly, just schedule a meeting you'll dread for 11am and then before you know it, the day is half over!

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