Dead Bird 

Well folks it finally happened. I feel bad and I tried to scare it away but Opie fufilled his life goal of catching and killing a bird. It's in his DNA so don't be too mad at him

Friday Night Lights spoilers! 

Watching FNL once again thinking maybe this time Jason Street won't get paralyzed in ep 1

A bathroom is being built at work and someone wrote our names in the cement; Wrote the like, 7 of us that are left. As I get passed over for yet another applied job, I see my name in the cement and it feels like a goddamn binding ritual.

Damn, I thought I was gonna miss all the good fall shit being out of the country got so long in October, but it's really just poppin off now. Picking some ripe as hell apples on Sunday

I got rear-ended in front of the Meijer today and felt sorry for myself for a minute thinking about how if I just hadn't made that stop or was in the store for a minute more or less I wouldn't have got hit. But really, who knows how many incidents DIDN'T happen for the same reason. Still pretty pissed off I have to interact with an insurance company though

Every time I have a meeting with people outside my company, I get this depression that lasts the rest of the day where I think about how the business I'm in contributes nothing to the world expect misery for the people who interact with it and large amounts of wealth for those who run it. Gotta get out 2020

So I've actually never made a denim vest until now, and I'm shocked that I haven't. It provides the security blanket of layering without the sweating. Now if I could get used to being a knit-hat-in-the-summer guy, I'd be totally set.

@computers The most chaotic is when its not even an avi of what could be their car, but just A car. Also, if the pic is a sunset, get ready for racist grandma

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