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I spent the day downriver and fell in love with it in a weird way. It's like the cemetery of American Industrialism frozen in time. The fire from the refineries light the sky like some sacred flame of Hestia. The train cars stacked in neat rows like grave markers.

"Hotel Transylvania" is on TV rn and I've noticed that the Adam Sandler Dracula voice is just "The Goat" from one of his comedy albums

So I know I've been posting a bunch about D&D lately, but today I played an adventure that was "Grey Gardens" but with wizards

Figured out how to print my D&D character sheets from my phone at work instead of sprinting across the office to the computer hoping nobody intercepts the job

One good thing about having essentially no dress code at work is sales executives in expensive suits have to take me seriously in my bad boys hat and pg99 pins

Trying to save money, and also looking at the online inventory for Underground Sounds in Ann Arbor and just straight up sweating. May need to take just a lil dip in there sometime.

Man, Michael Ian Black was probably my favorite member of The State/Stella so it's really hard to watch him write increasingly bad takes on Twitter

This guy is seriously saying he couldn't have committed sexual assault because he has female friends and followed it up with saying he fears that all beer drinking Americans will be accused by nature of their enjoyment of drinking beer. I can't believe it. Even worse will be when Joe Manchin or whatever Blue Dog dem votes him in

There's thousands of psychopaths ready to take Kavanaugh's place if he actually gets defeated. The Heritage Foundation/Judicial Crisis Network places them in Georgetown Prep, then Yale, then their own indoctrination camps in CT or some shit. But this is about people who live their entire lives free of consequences with a mindset of power and domination just ONCE not getting something they want and I hope this dork gets trebuchet-ed into the fuckin atmosphere.

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