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Goddamn. All I've been reading for the past few weeks are RPG sourcebooks and to be honest, I prefer it to the non-stop agita of our current, worst timeline


@johnmars and his gubernatorial campaign really pushed his OTIS offender page down a few slots on a search result. SEO at its finest

You may notice Earl Lackie on the ballot as Lt. Governor candidate for the U.S. Taxpayer's Party. He's my mom's ex who spent most of their marriage sitting on his ass collecting disability while banging the neighbor. He always pretended to be a cowboy and after their divorce achieved his dream by performing as one for children's parties. I also believe he was the unknown assailant who tried to murder my mom while she slept. He's a "Biker for Trump" who was inspired to run by Trump's victory.

Oh so I was at House of Dank a little bit ago and they have metal detectors. Wook comes in and sets it off so the guard has to hand scan him. Wook suggests it might be his giant metal pendant

I'm probably tootin' to no one with this, but I'm watching old WCW Nitro episodes and feel the need to say how much larry zbyszko fuckin suuuuuucks on commentary

I'm currently at Pie Sci and there's a dude with a Toon Squad basketball jersey and a hat that says "420 + 69 = PARTY TIME" and you know, that's pretty cool with me

So I'm excited about RDR2 as much as everyone else, but I can't help but think back to my first and only experience with GTA V Online: I loaded in, immediately heard some squealing pre-adolescent (who I wasn't in a group with) over and over and was shot and killed within like 5 minutes.

Look, as an ardent Trump supporter, there are 5 things I care about the most:

1) Guns
2) God
3) Country
4) Family
5) Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (peace be upon him)

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