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Get ready : 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig and the year where we get to observe the Super Blood Wolf Moon which means this year is about stability, friendship, and calling upon ancient wolf gods to huff and puff nazis to another planet.

My AMC Stubs membership expired and I'm faced with a crisis of loyalty because I might switch to the Emagine one. It's basically the same system and includes free parking. Star John R has been my shit since childhood, and Azteca is right in front, but I don't know you guys.

I would use a whole genie wish to be able to have Opie understand this e collar he has to wear is for his own good

Measurably seeing yourself get stronger is intensely satisfying. Some alt-right shithead hit the gym today, did you?

"Trump was overjoyed when he nominated Mattis, frequently describing him as β€œMad Dog” and announcing his appointment at a post-election political rally. Mattis detests the nickname and prefers "Chaos," as some in the military call him"

Trying to eat clean is the biggest challenge I've ever faced (which shows the relative comfort I've lived in). Way harder than quitting smoking was. I'm addicted to eating trash like some kind of gd possum. Day 3 going strong.

"How far down do I have to scroll on this blog post to get to the actual fuckin recipe?!" The story of my cooking life.

You know, they say Political Deaths come in threes so: McCain, Bush, and (inshallah) Henry Kissinger. 2018 has a chance to finish strong.

Goddamn. All I've been reading for the past few weeks are RPG sourcebooks and to be honest, I prefer it to the non-stop agita of our current, worst timeline


@johnmars and his gubernatorial campaign really pushed his OTIS offender page down a few slots on a search result. SEO at its finest

You may notice Earl Lackie on the ballot as Lt. Governor candidate for the U.S. Taxpayer's Party. He's my mom's ex who spent most of their marriage sitting on his ass collecting disability while banging the neighbor. He always pretended to be a cowboy and after their divorce achieved his dream by performing as one for children's parties. I also believe he was the unknown assailant who tried to murder my mom while she slept. He's a "Biker for Trump" who was inspired to run by Trump's victory.

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