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I've either been hungover or suffering from food poisoning for two days. Can't tell but I've finally found a way to curb excess eating so let's gooo!

I got really sad watching it and did the whole cup + post card trap before letting it outside. Taped up the screen hole with duct tape

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There was a bee in my office this morning. Presumably it got in through the hole in my screen the day before. It was crawling around the ledge so I opened the window and it gently crawled onto the screen. Now it is ambling around the screen. I'm hoping it can find the hole and escape to do fulfilling bee things like pollinate flowers but I'm worried its stuck. This is all something that is really happening right now but I also am feeling the bee a lot.

"I think you should leave" is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time. It's been a while since I cry-laughed trying to catch my breath

A new game my dogs invented: "take turns digging a hole until the other dog chases you off. Repeat until all paws involved are extremely muddy then sneak back in the house before your nice dad notices and has to spend the morning cleaning all surfaces."

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