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mastodon.haus is a mastodon instance created for friends in or from the Detroit area. That policy isn't strictly enforced, but we are going to be making an effort to keep things local or at least 3-4 degress of friendship.

This will be considered a safe space and with that in mind, the following will be enforced with a zero-tolerance policy:









Basically, treat each other with love and respect and you'll be just fine. The mastodon platform supports CW (content warnings). Please use these on posts where the content might cause a negative experience for users (such as sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.). Using a content warning will automatically make any media attached 'click-to see'.

If someone asks you to place a CW on your post, please respect this. The best way to do so is Mastodon's 'delete and redraft' feature.

The Local timeline will be all public posts posted to our instance (mastodon.haus). When making posts of your own, the default setting is Public which will post to this timeline. There are four options when making a post:

Public - Post to Public timelines

Unlisted - Visible to all users, but not posted on the public timeline

Followers-only - Post only to your followers

Direct - Post to mentioned users only (similar to DM on Twitter)

You can change the default for your posts in your preferences which are reached by clicking the gear icon (preferences) and then preferences from the column on the left.

In this same preferences area, the Edit Profile section will allow you to lock your account, requiring you to approve follower requests.

The Federated timeline will show both local posts and posts from other instances. This will populate more as we follow users in other instances. It is possible that content which violates this policy appear in this timeline. If it is not from our instance, our admins can not moderate that content directly, but we can disassociate from that instance so it will no longer appear in the timeline. We still recommend reporting the content to the local instance.

Reporting content is done by clicking the three horizontal dots by each post. From there you can mute the user, block the user or report to admins.

Since this platform is open source, there is not an offical app for smartphones. There are many, but we recommend the following:



If you need any assistance, or have suggestions to improve these policies, please contact mastodon.haus@protonmail.com